_tybura.co is me, Emil tybura, poland-based digital designer, creator and developer. i specialize in UI/UX design, no-code development (e.g., in Webflow, Framer, or Bubble.io), strategy, and educating people.

recently I got into photography as my side hustle.

My career started during the second year of my visual communication design studies at the School of Form in Poznań, Poland. After finishing multiple internships in several design studios and agencies, I managed to become a web designer and web developer at Uniforma Studio. Later on, I was hired by Tonik, where I design and develop products for early-stage startups, mostly from the United States. Moreover, I actively freelance to constantly develop my skills and do more cool projects.

My life is design-driven. It's my job, my love, and my hobby. I'm also a coffee lover, art devotee, vinyl records hoarder, into flea markets, second-hand objects, dogs, jazz and experimental music, post-modernism and brutalism, concrete, functionality, no-bullshit approach, simple and effective solutions, memes, the internet, visual essays, obscurity.

In 2023, Collegium Da Vinci (Poznań, PL) invited me to become a digital design lecturer where I work until these days. I have been a UI trainer during a boot camp at Infoshare Academy. I also gave speeches during the Tonik Design Meetup 2023 (Poznań, PL) and Grafconf 2023 (Torun, PL), both about no-code tools, possibilities, limitations, and artificial intelligence.

I was a creator or a team member while working on the following projects: at Tonik — thirdprime.vc, windstar enterprises,Peakspan Capital, supaglue, Vorticity, Micasa, Parrothq; at Uniforma — Heartbids, 3xa, Apa Architekci, bs-d, Proofed, Ecso, Perfumiarnia, Knowadays; independent freelance — flamboys studio, the allstreet, soft focus,Health4wind, Granator, Maryan Ivasyk, Koot Bureau, Shestakovych Studio.

3x main Behance features, 2x Behance branding features, 1x Behance UI/UX feature, interviewed by The brand identity, been a part of Uniforma - Graphic Design Studio of the Year 2021 awarded by PGDA, my animation were exhibited at Visual Etymology Showcase during Jerusalem Design Week 2019, received a scholarship for talented students sponsored by IKEA during my whole academic tuition.

Feel free to send me an email or just make a call. Follow my socials — Behance, Instagram, LinkedIn.